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The Stoic Edge Leadership Program

Introducing SAFE and STOA- the cornerstones of stoic edge

SAFE is a four-pronged leadership model fostering Strength, Agility, Flexibility, and Endurance in individuals and teams. It instills a leadership reflex grounded in integrity, adaptability, and a commitment to lifelong growth. By championing a movement beyond strategy, SAFE shields against ego and negativity, promoting authentic, unshakeable leadership. It’s about valuing the process over the outcome, ensuring a journey of continuous growth, and development. Embracing the SAFE Leadership Model is about championing a movement towards heartfelt leadership, trust, and collective growth, no matter the outcome

STOA is a transformative framework designed for mastering success in all endeavors. It stands as a potent blend of foresight and reflection, guiding individuals through challenges in both work and life. By connecting strategic planning with debriefing, STOA fosters a culture where success is skill-driven, not luck-based. The framework is anchored on four pillars: defining Success, setting clear Targets, viewing Obstacles as Opportunities, and taking effective Action steps. STOA empowers individuals to lead with integrity, turn adversity into strength, and actively sculpt their path to success.

Program Implementation:

    • Modality: Offering a blend of in-person and virtual (Zoom) sessions to provide maximum flexibility and accessibility.
  • Format:
    • Group Sessions: Collaborative sessions where participants share, learn, and grow together, fostering teamwork and shared understanding.
    • Individual Coaching: Personalized sessions tailored to each person’s unique needs and challenges.
    • On-Call Coaching: For immediate guidance, this feature allows individuals to navigate issues in real-time. The objective is to instill and develop the ‘leadership reflex’, ensuring leadership principles become one’s default response in pressing situations.
  • Duration: Customized to address the specific needs and schedules of each person, ensuring thorough immersion and understanding.

Champion's Edge: for Athletes, Teams & Coaching Pros

From Player to Game Changer:

Drawing strength from Stoicism’s timeless teachings on discipline, resilience, and integrity, the SAFE and STOA methods go beyond traditional training. They catalyze a transformative journey from routine performance to legendary prowess. This program offers more than a competitive edge; it instills a champion’s mindset that reshapes the game. Here, athletes and coaches don’t just play the game- they change it.

Executive and Organizational Mastery: New Era of Excellence

Forging Unbreakable Leadership 

The Stoic Edge Leadership program isn’t just about facing challenges; it’s about leveraging them. Dive deep into the SAFE and STOA methodologies that have reshaped leaders from various sectors. This exclusive program is for those who understand that success in life isn’t about what you do, but who you are. It is fully customizable to fit the needs of the organization, team and individual. 

For First Responders:

Resilience in Action: Mastering the Art of Crisis Leadership

The Stoic Edge Program equips first responders with STOA: a potent blend of ancient Stoic wisdom tailored for modern challenges. Elevate Crew Resource Management and After Action Reviews with tools that cultivate resilience, strategic clarity, and team cohesion. Transform the way you face adversity, ensuring every response is sharper, smarter, and successful.

On-Site Workshops and Retreats for Team Building

Unlock transformative team-building in a setting unlike any other. Dive deep into tailored workshops that blend professional growth with playful exploration. From hands-on activities in a farmhouse-style commercial kitchen to archery challenges, every event is shaped around your team’s needs. Set against nature trails, a fairytale treehouse, and encounters with friendly farm animals, it’s the perfect backdrop to foster genuine connection and profound growth. Crafted with Stoic principles, participants emerge with stronger ties, resilience, and a renewed sense of purpose. 

Speaking Engagements

An authentic voice in the world of leadership, Becky’s talks are a blend of down-to-earth humor, powerful storytelling, and raw vulnerability. From corporate events to team workshops, get ready for keynotes that breaks the conventional, elevates understanding, and spurs actionable insights. She brings to the stage a style that is both unexpected yet intimately familiar (no goats though).

Interactive Presentations and Trainings

Transform teams dynamics and organizational culture with presentations and trainings, available on-site or at your chosen location. Each interactive session is tailored to meet the trending needs of organizations, fostering spaces of open dialogue, strategic problem-solving, and resilience.

Delve into crucial topics such as:

  • Mastering Difficult Conversations and Feedback,
  • Mindfulness in Decision-Making,
  • Compassionate Communication Strategies,
  • Storytelling for Impact,
  • Navigating Workplace Change with Agility.

Explore proprietary models like STOA and SAFE, designed to fortify personal and collective agency. These tailored experiences are more than just instructional moments; they are catalysts for cultural shifts and sustained communal growth within your organization. Empower your team with the tools to navigate the complexities of today’s professional landscape with confidence and empathy.

1:1 Executive leadership coaching

In today’s dynamic and complex world, leadership isn’t merely a title—it’s a lifestyle. The most impactful leaders are those who live with intention, purpose, and unwavering clarity. With my tailored 1:1 Executive Leadership Coaching, I guide you on a transformative journey to hone your unique leadership style.

What sets this coaching apart?

  • Personalized Approach: Every leader’s journey is distinctive. I focus on understanding your strengths, challenges, and aspirations, tailoring our sessions to align with your individual goals.

  • Stoic Wisdom meets Modern Strategy: Grounded in the timeless principles of Stoicism, I integrate modern-day leadership strategies ensuring you’re equipped to navigate both the timeless challenges and today’s unique complexities.

  • Living Leadership: Leadership is more than what you do in the office. It’s about how you show up in every facet of life. Together, we’ll cultivate a leadership mindset that transcends the workplace, ensuring you lead with authenticity and impact in every interaction.

  • Actionable Insights: It’s not just about inspiration—it’s about transformation. You’ll leave each session not just motivated but empowered, with practical tools and strategies to implement immediately.

Whether you’re at a pivotal crossroads in your leadership journey or seeking to refine your approach, my 1:1 coaching is designed to unlock your full potential, ensuring you not only achieve success but also lead a life that’s genuinely worth living.


Podcast Interviews

As a guest I bring energy, authenticity, and expertise to your podcast with discussions that resonate with a wide variety of audiences with my message of leadership as a lifestyle not just a job title.

I bring to the table an approachable style, offering listeners a blend of actionable tools, stories, and a good dose of laughter.  

Topics can include

  • Mental Health & Resilience 
  • The Role of Stoicism in Personal & Professional Success
  • Mindfulness in Action at Work & Home.
  • Mindful Parenting
  • Navigating Difficult Conversations & Feedback in the Workplace
  • Building Cultures of Compassion and Connection

Listeners will appreciate the relaxed yet dynamic discussions. Whether it’s an in-depth exploration of contemporary leadership challenges or practical tips on personal development, your audience will feel like they are hanging out with a friend. 

Book Presales Start July 2024

My book  Choose the Handle that Holds-Unlocking a Life Truly Lived, is about unraveling the myth that life is inherently short, revealing how our choices often lead us to pass through days rather than live them fully. I am using stories (my own and those of others) paired with timeless Stoic wisdom, to explain the impact of grabbing the wrong handle—the one that leads to a life spent merely passing time rather than truly living vs the handle that holds allowing us to live with purpose. It’s not merely about breaking free from routine; it’s about breaking free from the choices that consume our time, the handles that lead to regret and stagnation. It challenges conventional wisdom, inviting one to rethink how one approaches each moment. Empowering one to lead a life worth living, choosing not just to add years to our life, but life to our years.

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