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In a world racing for success, your true edge lies in how you lead. It transcends mere skill; calling for the courage of self-awareness, accountability and action.

As a speaker, author consultant and coach, I work with those who are committed to forging a legacy anchored in integrity, for whom leadership isn’t just a job title- it’s a lifestyle. 

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My book  Choose the Handle that Holds-Unlocking a Life Truly Lived, is about unraveling the myth that life is inherently short, revealing how our choices often lead us to pass through days rather than live them fully. I am using stories (my own and those of others) paired with timeless Stoic wisdom, to explain the impact of grabbing the wrong handle—the one that leads to a life spent merely passing time rather than truly living vs the handle that holds allowing us to live with purpose. It’s not merely about breaking free from routine; it’s about breaking free from the choices that consume our time, the handles that lead to regret and stagnation. It challenges conventional wisdom, inviting one to rethink how one approaches each moment. Empowering one to lead a life worth living, choosing not just to add years to our life, but life to our years.

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The Stoic Edge Difference

In the saturated field of leadership development, my approach breaks through the noise, offering a transformative experience rather than just another training program. Rooted in the profound wisdom of Stoicism and fortified by modern psychological insights, my methods don’t just polish your existing skills—they redefine what leadership means for you.

Leadership as a Lifestyle not job title

I believe leadership isn’t about your job description; it’s a way of life. That’s why I cater to those who are ready to embody leadership in every action, every day. I cut through the recycled leadership jargon, rooting my approach in Stoicism- a philosophy that isn’t just about enduring; it’s about evolving, refining, and mastering oneself in the face of adversity. Here, you’re not learning to ‘act’ like a leader; you’re living as one.

Elite Access: The Concierge Consulting Experience

Real leadership moments aren’t scheduled; they happen in the thick of action. I offer an exclusive concierge-style consulting service, accepting only a select few who are serious about their growth. This means I’m there for you in real-time, helping address immediate issues as they unfold. Need to strategize before a crucial meeting? Craft a high-stakes email? Debrief after a challenging interaction? I’m a message away. This continuous, on-the-go support is what accelerates true change, fostering a leadership reflex that thrives beyond scheduled sessions.

No One-Size-Fits-All Solutions

I dedicate myself to the relentlessly ambitious, those who seek results, not accolades. That means working with organizations and individuals across diverse fields- from corporate executives to first responders, from professional sports teams & athletes to healthcare professionals—because true leadership transcends industry boundaries. I don’t deal in off-the-shelf solutions. Every strategy is as unique as your leadership journey, ensuring authentic, measurable growth.

Beyond The Script: My Speaker Approach

Human Connection through Humor and Honesty: I bring a down-to-earth approach, blending humor and storytelling with candid vulnerability. We’ll laugh, reflect, and confront realities together. I connect with audiences across all walks of life, from corporate environments to sports teams, because true leadership resonates everywhere.

Transformation, Not Just Inspiration: Forget fleeting motivational speeches. Participants leave with actionable strategies, empowering them to face challenges with enduring resilience and purpose. It’s about sparking lasting personal and professional evolution.


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