Keep Showing up

Becky Schmooke Stoic Edge
I never thought my life would involve an annual trip to the NFL Combine- but I love that it does!
And while I could see Lucas Oil stadium from my hotel room and ran by it every day, I never made it inside this year to watch any of the combine itself.
So why was I there?
My time at the Combine was dedicated to meeting with directors of player engagement of various teams and having conversations about providing players a blueprint for building a culture of resilience, accountability, and self-mastery. This is leadership redefined – for those willing to embrace the challenge and the hard work required of leaders.
My approach, deeply rooted in Stoic philosophy, is tailored for individuals ready to take full responsibility for their actions and outcomes, focusing on what’s within their control. It’s about empowering athletes to lead by example, inspire their teams, and navigate the highs and lows with integrity and purpose.
The goal?
To develop leaders who excel not just in their sport but in all areas of life, champions who understand that true leadership is about more than just winning games – it’s about setting a standard of excellence and living a life worth leading.
What makes the Combine special are number of unplanned conversations that happen and people you meet.
The combine is a nonstop networking event for many, stretching from breakfast to 3am bar close.
It was pretty obvious the moment when someone learned what I do and decided I was not someone of value to their ‘why’ for being at the combine. Their eyes immediately started scanning the crowd as they talked, looking around for who may be more important to their cause. It never offends me and it can even be pretty comical.
They are laser focused on what they came to accomplish and will probably achieve it faster than someone like me who is delighted by people, not status. When I talk to someone I’m invested in what they have to say, not what they can do for me.
Because of that approach I have met so many interesting people who have enriched my life with their stories and friendships.
I’ll be back to present to the Vikings this spring & hopefully other teams as well. And can’t wait for Combine 2025!

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