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Becky Schmooke Stoic Edge

“I’m heading to the woods!”

I shouted back my “okay” to Finn, as I continued to work through the 13 tons of rocks/small boulders I’m using to build new steps and rock walls and landscape the new BMK flower garden. Moving a few hundred to a thousand pounds each day is my reward for getting writing done or a day of meetings at the computer.

After a few more wheelbarrow loads I decided to see what she was up to.

I found her walking through the timber with a trash bag.

“Just picking up trash!”, she called up to me when she caught me watching her. “I’m heading up to pick up trash by the garden and ditch next, then I’ll see if there is more behind the garage.”

I nodded. Told her that I thought it was a great plan, and then got back to work.

I asked her afterwards what made her decide to pick up trash today.

“I saw someone litter today and it made me want to do something about cleaning up the trash around here from people littering and the wind blowing it around.”

I often post about how kindness and acts of good inspire others to do good. Today was a reminder that when we see people doing things we consider bad, that can also inspire us to do good. It’s recognizing that we can’t control their actions but we can control our own and what we decide to do to add to the good in this world.

To leave each place you go better for you having been there.

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