February 1, 2024: Small Muscles Need Work

My physical therapist pushed back his chair after evaluating my most recent injury and said, “Becky, you have strong major muscles, but the smaller ones are weaker. You’ve been compensating with the larger muscles, which leads to these issues,” gesturing to the array of my physical problems.

This got me thinking, and as I practiced the new exercises, a parallel between that and life’s broader challenges became apparent.

We often focus on the big, noticeable aspects of our lives, neglecting the smaller, yet crucial elements. Just like in physical health, where neglecting small muscles can lead to imbalance, life too demands attention to the finer details.

Take, for example, the way we celebrate and reward. Big parties, lavish gifts, extravagant vacations – these are all great, but they shouldn’t overshadow the smaller, yet significant moments. The conversations around a dinner table, being there for someone in quiet times, assisting with homework, or just being a source of comfort – these ‘small muscles’ of life are just as important.

A client once shared her experience with a previous employer who threw expensive parties and gave generous bonuses but was hardly present or engaged with the staff on a day-to-day basis. She eventually moved to a job with less glamorous perks but a fantastic day-to-day culture where her boss was actively involved. She described her new job as feeling “balanced” and that balance is invaluable.

It’s about the ‘and’, not the ‘or’.

Both the big and the small aspects matter, and we must devote time to strengthening them both. As I drove home, I got curious about areas in my life where the ‘small muscles’ might be weaker. I arrived in my driveway with a list and action plan ready to go.

And with this post written, I’m off to do those physical therapy exercises – and afterward, to attend to those smaller, yet equally important aspects of my life.

Consider getting curious about which ‘small muscles’ in our lives need a little more attention to create that balance we all deserve.

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February 1, 2024: Snow Day Business

This email popped up in my inbox today.

This is what an email from a boss can look like.

When you build a team of leaders, you build a level of trust that allows for the freedom to do things differently.

My dad has run a lab since I was 18 months old, and in that time has also run graduate programs and taught thousands of medical students. And in that time I have watched him set the bar of what an employer/employee relationship can look like and how to not just teach but be a mentor as well.

It’s a bar I hold others against when it comes to treating employees as humans, as people worthy of respect and the benefit of doubt when mistakes are made.

I have grown up witnessing my dad run a very successful lab while still making time for weekly sand volleyball games a priority, and never letting having fun be seen as a negative but instead, always encouraged.

This is the type of email that can be sent out to employees before a snow storm. Where their safety matters more than productivity.

** Also as the wife of a firefighter, I understand that the ability to stay home due to weather doesn’t apply to all professions, and some employers even if they wanted to can’t give employees a day off. I originally stated that others at the same university were told they had to come in regardless. I wasn’t referring to essential healthcare workers but I understand that is how some interpreted it. Thank you to those who let me know so I could clarify my intention.

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